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Mobile Marketing to a Brick-and-Mortar business means more traffic to your business.

A Pew Research report found that over 64% of American adults own a smartphone and over 10% of these do not have an Internet connection at home. Many use a smartphone as the key entry point to the online world.  84% of small businesses who have invested in a mobile presence say that they see immediate and long-term benefits. According to a Google Mobile Search report, 40% of mobile searches have local intent with 70% of all mobile searches resulting in an action within an hour.

Are your current Internet/Mobile Marketing efforts improving your business traffic? 

Is your website mobile-friendly - can it be seen easily and quickly on a mobile phone?

Try a simple test. Use your mobile phone to look at your website. 
1. Is your website easy to read on the phone screen, without needing to zoom or pan? 
2. Can you find your business phone number easily and click to call it quickly? 
3. Is it simple to find your business address and click it to get directions? 
4. Are reviews easy to find and read? 
6. Do you feel your website is useful and informative on a small screen? 
If you say "No" to any of these questions, then let's work together to remedy this for you.
Websites come in three flavors:
1. Desktop websites & no mobile website features
2. Desktop websites & mobile feature addon as an afterthought
3. Mobile websites with a desktop website component.

A mobile website should always be the first to be implemented as it has the broadest reach, is quicker to develop, & has the lowest implementation cost.

We at MobiAtlas build mobile websites that have a desktop component built-in. Our websites can be easily inserted on the front end of your current desktop website, intuitively providing a mobile visitor a positive and remarkable mobile experience when accessing your website on their mobile device. 

MobiAtlas' goal is to help customers get more clicks, more calls & more customers.  

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